Elo GPS Car-Tracking Technology

If you'd like to keep an eye on your car even when you're not around, turn to Elo GPS. Elo GPS can protect you from car theft, help you monitor teen and senior driving, and so much more. By staying informed with Elo GPS technology you'll know how, when and where your vehicle is driving at all times. Elo GPS is easy to set up and available on all Honda models, whether you drive a Honda Civic, Accord or CR-V. Learn more about how Elo GPS works, then visit our Honda dealership near Mendota, CA.

Elo GPS gives you peace of mind when unexpected events occur.

You can set this GPS technology to send alerts to your email so you can be notified when:

  • Your Honda is driven over the speed limit
  • Low battery voltage
  • Movement when your Honda should be parked
  • Your vehicle enters a no-drive zone that you preset
  • And much more

Benefits of Elo GPS include:

  • Protection against car theft
  • Teen & senior driver safety monitor
  • Low battery alerts
  • Savings on insurance premiums
  • Instant vehicle location acquisition

On top of these benefits, Elo GPS Nationwide Stolen Vehicle Recovery gives you support in the event of a vehicle theft. Coverage is available in the majority of North America and can provide you with real-time tracking and location information to help law enforcement recover your Honda car or SUV.

Stop by Clawson Honda of Fresno to speak with one of our sales experts about Elo GPS and see how easy it is to set up. Access your GPS information from any smartphone, PC or tablet and remain connected with your vehicle at all times with Elo GPS!