Lease vs. Finance Options at Clawson Honda

When you're ready to choose your next vehicle, it's important to conisder whether financing or leasing is the best option. There are advantages and drawbacks to both, and At Clawson Honda in Fresno, CA, we want to help you discover the leasing or financing situation that helps you secure the vehicle you most want.

Financing Financing

Customers who choose to finance their vehicles usually drive them for five to 10 years and enjoy ownership without mileage limitations. If you typically own and operate your vehicle for five to 10 years, then financing may be the right choice for you.

Additionally, with financing, payment by payment, your ownership equity may increase. And the longer you drive the vehicle after your contract is complete, the more value you derive from your investment. Take a look at our competitive rates and flexible terms to find the best option for financing your new vehicle at Clawson Honda.

Leasing Leasing

Leasing allows you to drive a newer vehicle with lower monthly payments. Additionally, you won't have any charges for repairs because the vehicle will come with a warranty. One of the best benefits of a lease is that it doesn't usually require you to make a large down payment.

In many states, you can even pay the sales taxes as part of your vehicle's monthly lease payment, instead of paying via a lump sum. You also don't need to be concerned about resales value. If your vehicle depreciates more than the estimated residual value in your lease contract, you'll be able to turn it in at the end of your lease term.

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For the best leasing and financing options in the Fresno, CA area, there’s nowhere better than Clawson Honda. Whether you choose to lease or buy your next vehicle, let our friendly experts guide you through every step of the process. We want to make sure that your experience is easy and stress free, because getting your next vehicle should always be exciting and exactly what you’re looking for. Give us a call or contact us online to get started!