R.E.D. Alert at Clawson Honda of Fresno

R.E.D. Alert can help reduce the risk of you being involved in a serious rear-end collision. When you apply the brakes, Rear-End Deterrent Alert activates the third brake light to temporarily pulsate. This pulsating brake light warns other drivers behind you that your vehicle is stopping or slowing down, helping to enhance response time. This also eliminates the need to pump your brakes to alert other drivers. If you’d like to learn more about R.E.D. Alert, come visit our Honda dealership near Clovis, CA.

Family exiting their house heading towards a Honda Odyssey
Honda vehicle dashboard

Rear-End Deterrent Alert works best when you need it most — during the day, in the rain and at dusk. One extra second of warning can make the difference when it comes to avoiding an accident, and you can count on R.E.D. Alert to provide that. When you need to stop short, you can apply maximum brake pressure and your third brake light will still pulsate, warning other drivers to begin braking as well. When you pump your brakes it decreases the effectiveness of ABS brakes — Rear-End Deterrent Alert removes that need from the equation.

EN ESPAÑOL R.E.D. Alert is available on many new Honda models for sale at Clawson Honda of Fresno. Visit our dealership to learn more about Rear-End Deterrent Alert and how this technology can be installed on your Honda car or SUV. When split seconds count, count on R.E.D. Alert.