Introducing the 2019 K.E.C.S. (Knight Edition Civic Sport). Ride into a world where no other car is designed quite like yours. We complement the Civic’s aerodynamic styling with a tailgate spoiler: light up the night with a 20 inch red LED “KNIGHT’ light in the front grill; black out the chrome with chrome delete on the exterior chrome and upgrade to Honda performance wheels with a black lug nut set. We then topped off this aggressive look with a 5% tint on the back half of the Civic Sport. Moving to the inside, the interior is illuminated in red with custom LED lighting that includes red illuminated door sill, and accent lighting in the center console. Futuristic technology and distinctive body accents equip you for an action-packed life in a Clawson Custom 2019 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback Knight Edition.

Knight Edition 1
Knight Edition 2
Knight Edition 3
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