Our gallery of Clawson Custom designs includes five original works of art. Our canvas includes the 2019 Honda Accord and the 2019 Honda Civic, but the end result is as unique as the driver. Stop traffic and turn heads when you hit the road in a Clawson Custom vehicle, designed to be driven.

Trooper logo
Trooper : H39335

Known for its fierce reputation, this turbocharged 2019 Honda Accord Sport Sedan Trooper Edition deploys swiftly and handles responsively as you set out on your mission.

Galactic logo Galactic: H39353

Crystal Black Pearl gives off a cool and confident presence that matches the dynamic styling of the 2019 Honda Accord Sport Sedan Galactic Edition. Ready for lift-off?

Knight logo
Bulldog Custom

Introducing the 2019 K.E.C.S. (Knight Edition Civic Sport). Ride into a world where no other car is designed quite like yours.

Bulldog logo
Bulldog Custom

Voted the most popular among Clawson Custom supporters. The Bulldog Edition’s Scarlet Red body is accented with a custom-painted blue spoiler and custom blue Honda emblems to make this 2019 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback Bulldog Edition a fan favorite.

Elegance logo
Elegance Custom

The sophistication of the 2019 Honda Accord Sport Sedan 2.0T Elegance Edition shines bright with exterior trim and rims accented in bronze, interior sill illumination and a puddle light that lights the way when you step out of your Clawson Custom Accord Sport Sedan.